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Bushcraft - survival in nature

In the wild, conditions sometimes force man to recall the activities of our ancestors and discover long-forgotten skills and instincts for survival. Such a test helps us to better understand and respect nature, as well as gain confidence in ourselves.

Bushcraft on Golte is a unique course of survival in nature, during which you go on an orienteering hike without a compass on the Golte mountain to the breathtaking lake on Treh ploti, where a view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps opens up.


Along the way, with the help of a guide, you gather wood suitable for lighting a fire, and the guide then teaches you to cut wood so that it is easier to ignite a spark. Along the way, you will also find herbs suitable for tea and get to know mushrooms and other wild food available in the wild. At the end of the experience, light a fire yourself and make your own herbal tea on it.

Also suitable for families

Bushcraft is suitable for families (with a specially adapted program for using a knife and ax for children), as well as for teambuilding or activities for couples.


Bushcraft can be run in all seasons - herbs are available from spring to autumn, and in winter you have to work harder to find suitable food to survive, but the satisfaction is so much greater because lighting a fire on snowy terrain is harder, but quite useful.


We guarantee quality

The guides who carry out the Bushcraft activity at Golte achieved an exceptional 2nd place in the all-Slovenian competition for survival in nature, so we can ensure the good quality of the activity, and they also regularly attend all-Slovenian meetings and trainings on forestry.

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