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The magical underworld of Golte

Take your first steps on exciting underground paths! We will visit an authentic, unspoiled karst cave and see the phenomena formed by the power of water on an adventurous hike. On our way, we will be accompanied by legends and tales inspired by the nearby underground environment.


Golte is 1,200 - 1500 m high karst plateau, located in the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and is an example of a secluded karst. It hides numerous karst phenomena. This is also evidenced by the name of the plateau, which derives from the properties of the karstic surface that "swallows" water.


In the fairly clean Upper Triassic limestone, where the Megalodontid fossils are also found (extinct large heart-shaped shells), an abundance of typical high-mountain karst phenomena has formed: there are many sinkholes and 18 karst caves and abysses representing natural values of national importance. Part of the Golte plateau is protected under the auspices of Natura 2000 as a cave area.

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