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Golte Landscape Park is located in the heart of the Savinja Valley.


You can easily access Golte with the longest cable car in Slovenia, which takes you 1,000 meters higher in 8 minutes, to an altitude of 1410 meters.


The lower station of the cable car (the starting point) is located in village Žekovec (Radegunda). Before departure, check operating hours on link below. 

Under normal weather conditions, the Golte Landscape Park can also be accessed by car; the route is thus extended by 10 km or 20 minutes. The number of parking spaces at the top is limited, so we recommend using a cable car.



Golte is a high karst plateau in the eastern Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The surface is made of limestone and has karst sinkholes, caves and dry valleys.

The karst world "swallows", ie it swallows water, which gave the plateau its name.


The Golte ski resort , which has been repeatedly selected as the best ski resort in Slovenia, lies at an altitude of between 1,250 m and 1,600 m and stretches over about 50 hectares of varied nature.


The ski slopes at Golte are wide and long and offer unforgettable views of the Savinja Valley and  Kamnik-Savinja Alps .

A good 12 km of ski trails are adapted to all types of skiers, of which 4.4 km are blue, 7.4 km are red and a little less than a kilometer of trails for the most demanding skiers.


There are 7 devices on the ski slope - in addition to the cable car, there are 3 chairlifts, 2 ski lifts and a children's polygon with a conveyor belt.

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