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Nihalka Žekovec

The Golte Landscape Park is easily accessible by cable car in Žekovec, which takes you to the park in 8 minutes.


The entrance station is located 17 km or 20 minutes  driving on a flat asphalt road from the exit of the Šentrupert motorway in the direction of Mozirje. At the lower station of the cable car there are over 1,000 arranged free parking spaces and parking for motorhomes.


With the cable car you will climb an incredible 1,000 meters in 8 minutes, as the latter takes you straight from the altitude of 490 m directly to the Hotel Montis, which is located at an altitude of 1,410 m. and offers you stunning views of the Savinja Valley.


The length of the cable car is 3,265 meters, making it the longest gondola lift in Slovenia.


Check your working hours carefully before setting off  pendulums or call the cash register on +386 3 839 1212.

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