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Only a 20-minute drive from the Šentrupert motorway exit separates you from a real winter fairytale in the heart of the Savinja Valley. With a cable car we take you closer to the sky and straight to the ski slopes. You will ascend an incredible 1000 meters within a few minutes from an altitude of 490 m straight to the Golte Hotel, located at an altitude of 1,410 m.

Welcome closer to heaven, welcome to Golte.

More than 12 kilometers of perfectly prepared trails

The Golte Ski Resort is located at an altitude between 1,280 and 1,576 metres above sea level and stretches over 50 hectares. It covers more than 12 kilometres of well-orginized ski slopes, where skiers and snowboarders can enjoy these wonderful wintertime activities.

Safe and comfortable skiing is ensured by our technical team, which you can contact at any time directly on the ski slope. The ski slopes are regularly maintained and technical snow is added to the natural snow cover with the help of the technical snowmaking system, which is installed on most slopes.


The longest cable car in Slovenia will take from valley to ski resort in just 8 minutes

The price of the ski pass includes a return ticket by cable car. For hourly tickets, return to the valley is not limited in time to the validity of the ticket and is possible at any time in that day. There is a large parking lot at the lower station of the cable car in Žekovec, for cars, buses and motorhomes.


The cable car will take you an incredible 1,000 metres in a matter of minutes – from the altitude of 490 m straight to the Wellness Hotel Montis, located at an altitude of 1,410 m. When you reach hotel only few steps seperate you from the ski slopes.The cable is 3,265 metres long, making it the longest cable car ride in Slovenia. One cable with a diameter of 56 mm weighs 45 tons.

Family friendly ski resort

With a family ski pass package, the Golte Ski Resort is family-friendly destination that offers an affordable ski pass for the entire family. In the 2019/20 ski season, the Golte ski resort received the award for the best ski resort in the category of medium-sized ski resorts, and in 2019 we celebrated 50 years of operation of the Golte ski resort.

Ski slopes and facilities

Due to the varied selection of ski slopes of various complexities, the Golte Ski Resort is loved by both experienced skiers and beginners alike. There are 5 ski lifts (3 chairlifts, 2 draglifts) and a conveyor belt at the children’s’ ski slope.


The longest route on Golte is Ročka, which is connected to the Stari stani line. The Ročka chairlift and the ski lift operate on this side. On the side of the ski slope up from the hotel, there are the Medvedjak and Smrekovec chairlifts with variously demanding ski runs.

Children can make their first ski turns on the children's polygon with a conveyor belt, and upgrade their knowledge on the Morava slope, which is easily accessible from the Alpine Garden. Morava is an excellent slope for beginners.

Ski competitions


For closed groups we organize attractive sports competitions that provide real winter fun at Golte. Ski competitions are a great way to socialize and strengthen team spirit. As part of the event, we also arrange for a party or a ski lunch, as well as organise social gatherings after the competition.

The price already includes the preparation of the race track, professional time measurements and the display of results. We also make it possible to announce the final results on stage for the winners. In accordance with your wishes and expectations, we prepare a unique sporting event for you.

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