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General Terms and Conditions

  1. visit to the ski resort, purchase and validity of tickets



  • Tickets can be purchased on the basis of the valid price list at the box office at the lower station of the cable car and at the reception of the Hotel Golte. Payment is possible in cash or by debit and credit cards.

  • A limited offer of tickets (tickets for the Morava ski lift, tickets for the Medvedjak or Smrekovec chairlifts) can be purchased at the lower stations of individual cable cars. Payment is possible in cash.

  • Deteriorating weather, fog, wind, line closure, interruption or downtime of individual devices are not reasons to refund the purchase price or extend the validity of the ticket.

  • Before buying ski passes, make sure of the weather and operating conditions on the ski slope. Information is available at the hotel box office and reception and on the website

  • Advertising on facilities is subject to a special agreement with Golte doo Arbitrary advertising is prohibited. Removal of advertising material is charged.

  • In the event of any complaints, please contact the points of sale or the company's management.

  • Events on the ski slope or facilities are the subject of an agreement with the company Golte doo For all events on the ski slope, the ski resort manager must issue a consent.



  • The cable car operates every day during the winter and summer seasons, during the main seasons it operates according to the published schedule and for announced groups.

  • The pendulum does not operate during the regular annual overhaul and during other maintenance work.

  • The winter season lasts from December (sufficient snow cover) to the end of March or as long as natural conditions allow operation.

  • The operating hours of the facilities and ski resorts are published at ticket sales points and at the lower stations of cableway installations, as well as on the website .

  • The working hours of the ski lifts and ski slopes are adjusted to the daily state of snow and weather conditions.

  • The pendulum runs every full hour after the published operating time. In case of increased number of visitors, the cable car rides more often (every half hour or more often).

  • A special ride on the Žekovec cable car is possible during operation or outside regular operating hours. The client pays for a special ride and tickets according to the valid price list.

  • The summer season lasts from June to September.

  • Golte doo reserves the right to change operating hours without prior notice.


  • Persons between the ages of 6 and 14.99 are eligible to purchase a children's ticket.

  • Persons aged 15.00 to 17.99 are eligible to purchase a youth ticket.

  • Persons with the status of a pupil or student are entitled to purchase a student ticket.

  • Persons aged 65 and over are entitled to purchase a senior ticket.

  • Children up to and including 5 years of age ski for free accompanied by their parents or other companions.

  • Pupils and students are entitled to purchase one ticket per day.

  • Pupils and students prove their status with a valid student or. student card.

  • Seniors and children identify themselves with an identity document.

  • Discounted tickets (trade unions, federations, associations…) can be purchased upon presentation of the relevant proof. The discount is valid for daily tickets. Tickets are valid only together with proof of status or. eligibility for the discount.

  • All ski passes (except daily and hourly tickets purchased in advance and tickets for individual devices) are made on a returnable medium (Key-card). A security deposit of EUR 5.00 is required upon purchase of the ticket. Return of the ticket and refund of the deposit is possible at the point of sale. If the user does not return the ticket, he can use it for the next purchase, if the ticket is not damaged.

  • In the event that the ski season starts earlier than foreseen in the pre-sale, the pre-sale prices shall cease to be valid on the day of the opening of the ski resort.

  • Season tickets, tickets "5 in season"  are with the picture.

  • The online purchase of tickets is carried out under the special conditions of online sales, which are published in the online store at


  • Daily tickets are valid for 1 day during the operation of the cable cars.

  • The validity of hourly tickets is from the first entry into the cable car until the end of the time (bonus of an additional 20 minutes for the ride with the cable car uphill). Driving downhill is limited to the day of validity and is possible even after the time has elapsed.

  • The season ticket RADAVNIK + is valid from Monday to Friday, also during holidays and public holidays.

  • The season ticket WORKER is valid from Monday to Friday, not valid during the holidays and public holidays that are during the week.

  • All tickets are valid for one ski season.

  • If you do not use the "5 in season" ticket in full, the rest of the days cannot be carried over to the next season.

  • Tickets loaded on the hour are only valid together with the purchase confirmation.

  • Ski passes are not valid during the summer season (unless specified in the special purchase bonuses).

  • Tourist, sports and mountain tickets (pendulum down) and annual return ticket for the pendulum are valid for individual seasons (summer (19.4. To 30.11.) Or winter (1.12. - 31.3.) During the operation of the cable car. season, there is no reason to refund the purchase price or extend the validity of the ticket.

  • All daily and hourly tickets purchased with BON21 are valid until 31.12.2021.


  • Replacement of expired unused daily and hourly tickets is possible one year after the expiry date of the ticket according to the valid price list. It is not possible to change tickets for older tickets, except for tickets for the 2019/20 season.

  • Changing the ticket is possible if it can be visually or with an electronic reader to check the validity or. unused.

  • The company does not accept any compensation for lost tickets.

  • In case of loss, we will charge a replacement fee and a deposit of EUR 5.00 for the replacement of a damaged ticket or the issuance of a replacement season ticket. The replacement of a replacement season ticket is possible upon presentation of the relevant purchase confirmation or upon removal from the register of tickets sold. At the same time, the media of the lost ticket is blocked.

  • Purchased tickets cannot be returned and a refund can be requested.

  • In the event of a skier's injury, the company refunds the purchase price only to the injured person with a multi-day ticket on the basis of the report on the accident on the ski slope. The purchase price is refundable from the next day onwards. Sickness is not a reason to refund the purchase price.

  • In case of damage to the holder of a season ticket with a picture, we grant a 20% discount on the regular price, in case of damage before February 15 or. 50% discount in case of never used ticket. The discount can be claimed by the customer when purchasing a new season ticket in the next season (upon submission of appropriate evidence and determining the status of the ticket), we do not refund the money.


  • Tickets are non-transferable, except for portable season tickets.

  • It is not possible to change the validity of tickets for tickets already purchased.

  • Tickets are sold and controlled through computer-controlled ticket offices and electronic readers. Visitors are obliged to register a ticket on the electronic control devices upon entering the device. Visitors are obliged to show the ticket to the authorized person of the manager on the ski slope anytime and anywhere.

  • The ticket control system is implemented under video surveillance. With the purchase of a ticket, the buyer also became aware of this fact.

  • By conducting video surveillance control, we do not interfere with the privacy of customers and users, but only compare video clips of individual tickets based on the serial number of each ticket, taking into account the legal provisions of ZVOP (Personal Data Security Act);

  • The use of a ticket purchased at a reduced price on the basis of appropriate evidence, without appropriate proof when using this ticket, is considered misuse.

  • Attempting or abusing a ticket and violating the rules of safe skiing are grounds for withdrawing the ticket immediately. Withdrawal is permanent, regardless of the type of ticket. The exception is the procedure for withdrawing season tickets described below. Employees of cableway installations, the head of operations or his deputy, the ski resort supervisor or another authorized person of the ticket control company are authorized to control and withdraw tickets.

  • Seizure of season tickets: in case of the first offense, the ticket against payment (EUR 90.00 for adults, EUR 70.00 for children, seniors, students and season tickets WORKSHOP), after one week from the date of seizure, is returned to the holder. In the case of a second offense, the seizure is permanent.

  • Season tickets SSV and ESSV are used under the conditions of the ticket seller. Employees at the ski lifts and ski slopes are authorized to control and revoke tickets, and the revocation of the revoked ticket is possible in accordance with the seller's conditions.

  • In case of misuse of the ticket, electronic blocking of the ticket is also possible and further use is not possible.

  • In case of misuse of the ticket or violation of order, the company reserves the right to file criminal charges against the violator.

  • In the event of an accident involving a person with a misused ticket on the ski slope, the rescue costs are covered by the participant in the accident.



  • If the company finds that the visitor has damaged the cable car or any other device on the ski slope, the perpetrator or his guardian is obliged to compensate the damage. The company reserves the right to immediately confiscate the ski pass from the offender and to initiate criminal proceedings for damaging foreign property and endangering the safety of passengers.

  • The company reserves the right to deny individuals and groups the right to enter the ski resort due to their past violations of the rules of conduct or safe skiing.

  • The company denies access to the lifts and ski resorts to drunks, people under the influence of drugs and people who behave inappropriately. The company is not responsible for them or their actions.


  • To a large extent, you can ensure safe skiing yourself, by following the written instructions on the facilities and ski resorts, complying with the Ski Resort Safety Act and following the instructions of the staff.

  • Skiers and other visitors are obliged to follow the instructions and warnings on the cable cars and the ski slope, as well as the instructions of the staff.

  • Team leaders are responsible for and responsible for the safe skiing of the group.

  • A group that, despite warnings, endangers itself or others with its skiing, is prohibited by the operator from continuing skiing.

  • The company does not take any responsibility for injuries and damage to the equipment of ticket holders and other persons if the damage occurs as a result of non-compliance: conditions on groomed and marked ski slopes, number of visitors, weather, snow quality, unadapted driving, non-compliance with the Ski Safety Act, rules FIS, ski lift operator signs and instructions, inadequate physical fitness, lack of sports equipment, skiing under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.

  • Failure to comply with the rules of safe skiing is the reason for the immediate withdrawal of the ticket and other measures in accordance with the Ski Safety Act.

  • Skiers use devices and props in the children's playground, themed ski trails (bunny trail) and snow parks at their own risk. The company does not take any responsibility for injuries that occur in this area due to non-compliance with the rules, inexperience of users, use of devices without the presence of a coach and other violations.

  • By purchasing a ticket for transport on all cableway installations, the ticket holder is insured against personal injury or damage to equipment if the damage is caused by the fault or negligence of the cableway operator.

  • A skier is not accident-insured by buying a ticket.

  • Complaints, complaints, reports of injuries and reports of damage to equipment are accepted by the head of operations, supervisor or rescuer on the ski slope.

  • The conditions for a possible claim for damages to the company are the presentation of a valid ski pass on the day of the injury and the accident report prepared by the ski resort supervisor or the head of the operation of the ski lifts.

  • In the event of an accident on a ski slope, the company reserves the right to initiate criminal proceedings or misdemeanor proceedings against the perpetrator.



  • The rescue and supervision service on the ski slope is open during the operation of the cable cars. The service reviews and provides rescue only on  routes that are marked and open.

  • The costs of rescue on closed slopes and outside the regulated area of the ski resort are covered by the participant himself.

  • The operating time of the ski slopes is the same as the operating time of the associated cableway installations.

  • Outside the operating hours of the ski lifts, all ski runs and areas are closed due to the arrangement of ski slopes and snowmaking (trampoline's tow ropes cross the ski runs - life-threatening!). During this time, visitors use the ski slope for walking, etc. at their own risk and are obliged to unconditionally follow the instructions of the staff and the sound and light signals on the machines.

  • Snowmobiling on ski slopes is prohibited (according to the Ski Safety Act), also off-piste (according to the Nature Conservation Act).

  • Snowmobiling is only allowed to the ski resort operator for rescue, control and maintenance purposes.

  • Uniformed teachers of the Golte Concession Ski School can enter certain cable cars through specially marked passages with visibly marked trainees (individual instruction).

  • Employees of the operator, supervisors, wardens, cable car operators, rescue workers, doctors and police have priority in entering past the queue on all cable car installations.

  • These business conditions have been compiled and published on the basis of the provision of Article 54 of the Act on Cableway Installations for the Transport of Persons (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 03)

  • An integral part of these conditions are also the provisions of the Ski Safety Act (ZVSmuč-1; Uradni list RS, no.  44/16 )


  • Organizer of events, competitions, trainings, etc. the organization must comply with the Ski Resorts Safety Act (Article 3 - activities on ski resorts).

  • For all activities on the ski resort, the prior consent of the ski resort manager must be obtained.

  • For all commercial activities on the ski resort it is necessary to obtain the written consent of the ski resort manager and pay a fee or. it is necessary to have a contract with the operator.

  • In accordance with the Ski Resort Safety Act, organized teaching of skiing on a ski slope may only be performed by contractors who obtain the prior written consent of the manager (Article 12 - teaching skiing).

  • The organizer of the event or competition on the ski slope is obliged to properly notify the event and provide the appropriate staff (own rescue service, doctor, wardens, etc.). The organizer must obtain the consent or. enter into an appropriate contract with him.

  • Part of the ski resort where the event, competition, training, etc. takes place. it is necessary to physically separate it from the rest of the ski resort and it is excluded from the regular operation of the ski resort during the event, so the manager does not take any responsibility for the events at the event.

  • Rental of a ski slope and other areas for events, trainings, competitions is charged in accordance with the valid price list.


  • Carriage of personal luggage by cable car is free of charge.

  • Transport of special cargo by pendulum is possible by prior agreement with the operator. The cargo must be properly prepared for transport.

  • The company does not accept any responsibility for damage to improperly prepared cargo and protection against disposal.

  • Transport of domestic animals is allowed only with the Žekovec cable car. Animals must be adequately protected. Pets are free of charge.

  • For children up to a height of 1.25 m, an adult must be accompanied during transport on cable cars.

  • Transport of bicycles and paragliders is allowed with the Žekovec cable car and the Medvedjak chairlift and is paid according to the valid price list.



  • Parking or use of parking spaces at the lower station of the cable car and in the parking lot in front of the Alpine Garden is free. Drivers are obliged to follow traffic signals and instructions of wardens.

  • Parking on or along the delivery roads is not allowed.

  • The company does not assume any responsibility for parked vehicles.



Mozirje, September 1, 2021

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